Shubh Labh (Sab Tv) Serial Story Cast, Timings

Popular TV network Sab TV is introducing a brand-new television series called Shubh Labh, which will air in the near future on the network and was created by Jay Mehta under the Jay Production banner. The narrative appears to be highly compelling, and it revolves around Savita Dixit, who resides in Ratlam with her family.

Savita comes from a middle-class family, and she constantly struggles with money. Savita wants Goddess Laxmi to visit her home, so let’s see how she enters Dixit’s house. This is the main plot of the serial, and the serial promo looks very interesting for the serial. However, you will have to wait for a few days because they stated that the serial will air in a short while.

Shubh Labh Wiki and Plot:


The show’s premise is its most important aspect. Not all saas-bahu shows, which are frequently shown on Indian television, are comparable to this one. The plot of the show is how Goddess Laxmi helps Savita, played by Geetanjali Tikekar, change for the better so that she and her family can enjoy happier lives. It is quickly becoming SAB TV 2021’s most watched programme.

In the Shubh Laabh performance, Chhavi Pandey portrays Maa Laxmi and Geetanjali portrays Savita, a devotee of Maa Laxmi. Nasirr Khan, a senior actor, is portraying Savita’s father and spouse. The Elder Brother in the episode is portrayed by renowned actor Mithil Jain. Savita’s daughter Roohi is played by actor Mahi Sharma. Aashay Mishra is Savita’s younger son. The serial gives Tanisha Mehta a significant part. In the Aashay Mishra-played series, she is Vaibhav’s wife.

Other actors in the serial include senior actor Poonamji, who plays a grandma, Anup Lota, who plays Gullu, and Afreen Alvi, who plays Maya’s evil or greedy daughter-in-law. In the television series, she is portrayed as Mithil Jain’s wife, who plays Rohit. Rahul Singh plays the humorous character Jijaji in the show, and Kinjal Pandya plays Priti. These are the show’s leading actors, and they all do a fantastic job.

Chhavi Pandey, Geetanjali, Tanish Mehta, and Mithil Jain are receiving a lot of praise for their performances as a result of this play. Chhavi Pandey and Tanisha Mehta are two performers who are benefiting greatly from this play. The performances by both actresses in the show are excellent.