Udaariyaan (Colorst Tv) Serial Story Cast, Timings

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Udaariyaan Color Tv Drama serial
Udaariyaan Color Tv Drama serial

Sirf Tum Wiki and Plot:

The three main characters in Udaariyaan are Jasmine, Tejo, and Fateh. Jasmine and Tejo are two actual sisters who share a household but have separate aspirations. Jasmine’s greatest dream is for her family to one day relocate to Canada, which is also the family’s dream. She is an outgoing, conflicted woman who wants to marry a settled Canadian NRI man in order to start a family. Tejo, on the other side, desires to establish herself in Moga, Punjab. She is a typical young woman who enjoys living in a typical metropolis. On the other side, Fateh is a boxer who has a crush on Jasmine in secret.

Tejo Kaur Sandhu and Jasmin Kaur Sandhu, two sisters with utterly disparate personalities, are the focus of the narrative. Jasmin is very effervescent and immature, but Tejo is very responsible and mature. Tejo, a professor of phycology, always wants to stay with her family and help them achieve their goals, whereas Jasmin is a college student who aspires to live in Canada. Boxer Fateh Singh Virk, who also has his own academy, adores Jasmin.

Since Jasmin wishes to wed someone who will reside in Canada, Fateh makes every effort to secure employment there so that he can wed the love of his life, Jasmin. They both get closer after Fateh is successful in landing a job offer in Canada. Jasmin consents to wed Fateh. However, Tejo marries Gurgaon resident Jass, who lives with his family. He turns out to be a liar and flees after the wedding.

Jasmin learns that Fateh’s job offer in Canada has several problems and complications just a day before she and Fateh are married. Jasmin refuses to wed Fateh in front of everyone after realising that her goal of residing in Canada has been crushed. Jasmin rejects Fateh’s proposal of marriage despite the best efforts of Fateh and Tejo. Tejo and Fateh must wed in order to maintain the family’s good name. While trying to move on from his wounded heart, Fateh still cares about and feels for Jasmin. Tejo gives Fateh emotional support as she progresses.

Jasmin eventually comes to the conclusion that she adores Fateh and cannot live without him. She begins to employ nasty strategies in an effort to get Fateh back. Jasmin consents to wed a Canadian man named Gippy in order to enrage Fateh even more. Jasmin tells Fateh she loves him and even pretends to burn her passport. Jasmin and Fateh begin to interact again, and they both cheat on Tejo. Tejo becomes distraught after learning the truth about Jasmin and Fateh and tells the family about their relationship.

At some point, Jasmin realises she loves Fateh and cannot live without him. She starts using deceptive tactics in an effort to get Fateh back. In an effort to infuriate Fateh even more, Jasmin agrees to marry Gippy, a Canadian. Jasmin confesses her love to Fateh, even making a fake passport burn. Once more interacting, Jasmin and Fateh both cheat on Tejo. After discovering the truth about Jasmin and Fateh, Tejo is devastated and informs the family about their relationship.

Isha Malviya plays the heroine in the Udaariyaan television series. In this serial, Priyanka Chaudhary also plays a lead role. Jasmin from Udaariyaan Serial is actually Isha Malviya. In the Udaariyaan Serial, Tejo’s real name is Priyanka Dwivedi. However, in the Colors TV series Udaariyaan, Fateh’s real name is Ankit Gupta.